Friday, 24 September 2010

Heroes of Might and Magic III, it brings people together

So me, my bro and 2 friends are sitting at home thinking what to do. We've already hit the clubs, goofed around and we were bored like hell when I found a disc with  HoMM III complete written on it.

And so an 8 hour long campaign began. Even after all that time the game wasn't over, we planned which one will go where to cover all the areas so no enemy hero could escape. After playing all night we went to sleep, and immediately continued after we woke up. Finally after 6 more hours of AI chasing the game was over, and we were proud.
A few minutes later we downloaded the "wake of gods" mod and went for an another round of AI bashing. This day and the next was "wasted" playing HoMM III too, countless liters of beer and snacks were drank and eaten.

It's amazing how a game that's old more than a decade is still so addictive, fresh and immersive.


  1. Ive never even heard of this game. Can i fit it into my SC2 schedule?

  2. I actually saw this game in a charity shop for £3, complete in box, I should have bought it I think!

  3. How do people manage to play games for so long without their eyes hurting?